[Proposals] Stefano Cherubin

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Please notice that this section is particularly ephimeral. Every year proposals change and I don't usually update this page.

MSc Thesis proposals

I list here only topics I cover.
Drop me an e-mail to schedule a face-to-face meeting if interested. Compiler-related thesis proposals from our lab are summarized here.

Course projects proposals

Please refer to your course professor to ask about available course project proposals. I usually propose projects about C++ arithmetics and/or LLVM compiler framework. Here you can find additional details on some (not all) of those projects.

Advanced Computer Architectures / Code Transformation and Optimization

The following projects can be taken for both courses. The effort required to accomplish those projects may differ depending on which course you are attending.

Advanced Computer Architectures - Reading Assignments

Reading Assignments have been listed in the official spreadsheet shared among all students. Such projects require to produce a survey about a given topic. At the end of the project students should produce a report and present it.

Report template (TeX) can be found here