Stefano Cherubin

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Software Engineer - Codeplay

Independent Researcher

Working on compilers and approximate computing.

Lord of Glencoe, Scotland

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Codeplay Software Limited
Level C, Argyle House
3 Lady Lawson Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9DR, United Kingdom
e-mail: firstName -dot- familyName -at- codeplay -dot- com
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PhD student and Post-Doc Research Fellow - Computer Science Engineering - HEAP lab - Politecnico di Milano
PhD Thesis title: Compiler-Assisted Dynamic Precision Tuning.

No more active since Mar 2020

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Software tools

TAFFO Tuning Assistant for Floating point to Fixed point Optimization
This toolchain provides user-driven precision tuning capabilities by exploiting integer computation instead of floating point whenever possible. It is composed by a set of plugins for the LLVM compiler infrastructure. It does NOT require any customization of the compiler.
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This library enables runtime compilation of source code and dynamic loading of a specified C/C++ function. It also provides support for versioning of the compiled functions.
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